Auckland Zinefest - Call for involvement


I'm on the organising committee for the Auckland Zinefest, as such I get to design the poster. It needed to be something that we could print in just one colour, but for the digital poster I added some more colour.

Last year we had such a good turn out even though it was tucked away off K rd at the Old Folk's Ass. We reckon it'll be even bigger this year at the more centrally located Pitt St Methodist Church. If you want to be involved whether doing a talk or workshop, having a stall or just helping out on the day visit for all the deets.


Spaced over and out


I made myself this planet tee for the spaced out markets, part of the last First Thursday madness. I'll use it as a test to see how well the marker lasts. If it goes well I might do some to sell.


Here I am in model pose with my new tee, was glued to the spot all through the festivities so couldn't explore the other cool stuff which was happening. Enjoying the fact that my hair looks like big dog ears.

Photo by Auckland Zinefest.


Girl on the street


Sometimes I see people on the street who I really want to paint, but then have to wait a few hours/days before I get the chance. I saw this lady the other day on K rd and have been keeping her in my memory bank until today when I could put her on paper.