Auckland Zinefest 2016.


I'll be at the Auckland Zinefest which is in the Auckland Art Gallery this year.  Gonna be a good one, come on down!

Sweet poster by Chippy Draws

I'll have copies of my new comic Takeaways, which I individually hand covered the covers of, can't handle too much consistency. 


The Periodic Journal


I took part in a panel discussion about independent publishing, offering a zine perspective on the whole deal. Had a cold and kept loosing my train of thought but the other wonderful panelists kept it chugging along (Natasha Mead, Leyla Tweedie-Cullenand and Warren Olds, Jereme Aubertin couldn't make it). 

The Periodic Journal is a beautiful (and free!!) publication which is put together by Natasha Mead and her pals, more on them here


Zinefest done!


This was the day before, getting my tags up to date, taken from my instagram

My stall set-up. I made a big cardboard Shorty to scare away buyers with her stare eyes. Photo from the Auckland Zinefest instagram there are also lots of photos from the day on the Auckland zinefest facebook page

aaand my Bad Thoughts zine won a prize!


New zines


I've made some new zines for the zinefest as well as reprints of some older ones. 

This one is about inappropriate thoughts.

This one is a follow up to Shorty visits the vet Issue #1 which I made last year. It's about my cat's cystitis. The last one was all done in ink but this time I went digital. I don't do fully digital work that often but I found it really ...addictive.